At INTERPHEX, MG America to Introduce Four New Machines, Including Next-Generation PLANETA Capsule Filler

Lineup Also Includes New Robotic Aseptic Vial Filling & Capping Line from STERILINE; High-throughput Checkweigher from Anritsu;
and Automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspector from Antares Vision

Fairfield, NJMG America, the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy and a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment, will showcase a variety of premium equipment at INTERPHEX NYC, Booth #2221, April 26-28. Headlined by the company’s next-generation PLANETA 200 Capsule Filler, the lineup also includes a new robotic aseptic vial filler/capper from equipment manufacturer STERILINE; a high-throughput Checkweigher from Anritsu; and an automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspector from Antares Vision.

The PLANETA 200 Capsule Filler is the latest evolution in a line of well-established continuous motion machines. The PLANETA 200 produces up to 200.000 capsules per hour, but its primary advantage is its premium flexibility: its modular design results in a highly configurable platform suitable for a wide array of production requirements, including an ability to fit several dosing units simultaneously, enabling one capsule to be filled with differing products. Dosing units ascribe to a “no capsule, no dosage” concept, ensuring superior machine cleaning as well as reduction of both product waste and its exposure to the greater processing environment.

MG America Planeta200

                  MG America Planeta 200

The PLANETA 200 also is scalable. It can, for example, initially be configured for medium speeds, then upgraded later for maximum speeds, reaching different performances depending on the number and type of dosing units installed. Its weight control system also can be upgraded post-installation; this includes facets as simple as statistical control of capsule gross weight up to the highly advanced MultiNETT system, which allows in-process net weight checks of each capsule and, in the case of same-capsule dosing combinations each dosed product. Finally, PLANETA 200 can be equipped with isolators satisfying different containment levels, as well as various washing systems ranging from Wet-In-Place to Wash/Clean-In-Place automatic systems (WiP/CiP).

Robotic Aseptic Vial Filling/Capping Line from STERILINE

INTERPHEX NYC also will be the U.S. debut of a new robotic aseptic vial filler & capper from STERILINE. Due to increased pharma industry demand, the Italy-based equipment manufacturer is in the process of enhancing its aseptic applications portfolio, including a new series of integrated production lines employing robotic systems for container transport, handling and filling.

One such line consists of a an RA-V4 Rotary Vial Washing Machine; a depyrogenation tunnel (model ST2 CCS); the RVFCM50 Robotic Vial Filling and Capping Machine with Isolator; and an EDM-C External Decontaminating Machine. The RVFCM50 Filling & Capping Machine has an effective output of up to 3000 vials per hour, and can handle vial sizes from 2ml to 100ml without changing format parts.

Anritsu KWS Capsule Checkweigher

The Anritsu KWS Capsule Checkweigher achieves high throughput of up to 230,000 capsules per hour with an accuracy of +/-0.5mg, meeting the industry’s most stringent requirements. The machine’s exceptional production capabilities deliver exemplary accuracy at high speeds, and feature impressive flexibility concerning the various product shapes and sizes it can handle. Its enhanced handling technology eliminates the bouncing of empty capsules and prevents them from potential market entry.

The checkweigher’s small footprint and 15” color touchscreen interface helps provide easy operation, and its Ethernet connectivity enables real time remote data collection. It meets GMP standard and validation requirements with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and an inclined chassis eliminates blind spots – further preventing dropped capsules from going missing or mixing with other products. The checkweigher is designed to be easy and quick to clean, and parts changeover is tool-free. An overload protection load cell prevents breakdowns after accidental overload during changeover and cleaning.

Automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspector from Antares Vision

The Antares Vision TCI Tablet & Capsule Inspector is a fully automatic standalone machine designed to inspect pharmaceutical capsules and tablets. Versatile, smart and efficient, the TCI combines high production throughput (up to 300.0000 units/hour) with great accuracy in inspection (precision up to 100μm).

Comprehensiveness is the TCI’s trademark: A double-drum system manipulates products while six cameras and three analyzers acquire images of the entire surface of the products. The collected images are analyzed in real time, and the products are eventually sorted and conveyed towards the appropriate path: conform, reject, or re-check. The precise optical detector for sorting verification ensures fail-safe, reliable operation.

Defects identified on tablets and capsules include damaged edges, color deviation, dots, dirt, uneven surfaces, cracks, dents, chips, holes, drill, joints, coating defects, low imprint and poor embossing quality. Products found to be defective are automatically rejected by an air blow into a dedicated stainless steel reject container.

The Antares Vision TCI is controlled via a user-friendly graphical interface on a 19” touch-screen monitor, providing intuitive operation for inspection functions, new formats creation by wizard setup, and receipts recall. Ergonomic design with a small number of parts allows very fast changeover as well as easy cleaning and maintenance operations.