MG America Bicone Mixer

Bicone Mixer

  • Mixing chamber with rounded corners and no dead points.
  • Inspection hatch and discharge butterfly valve included.
  • Set-in-motion is keyed onto the rotation shaft, eliminating the need for driving belts or chains.
  • Total Volume Range – 125 Liters up to 4000 Liters.
  • Both set –in-motion and the other support parts (motor, electric control panel and optional accessories) are housed inside the support legs.
  • Support legs are made up of self-standing press braked sheet of average thickness with rounded edges.
  • The machine is equipped with a protection structure surrounding the working area in compliance with EC regulations. Its perimeter frame is made of round tubular whereas its panels are made of transparent Lexan. Access to the mixing chamber discharge is through a hinged gate equipped with a safety micro switch preventing the machine to operate while the gate is open.
  • The machine is operated through an electric control panel complete with: an inverter and a potentiometer for mixing chamber speed adjustment, a display featuring the number of revolutions and a timer to set the mixing time.