MG America Cone Mill on Trolley
MG America Cone Mill on Trolley Diagram
MG America Cone Mill on Trolley Pieces

Cone Mill on Trolley

Equipment used to calibrate dry or wet products with various granule sizes and to obtain an even grind through the use of a screen with holes of the required size and shape. When entering into the calibration chamber, the product is crushed onto the screen by the rotating blade. The conical shape of the screen makes the total discharge of the product easier.

  • Parts- in-contact with product- in- mirror polished AISI 316L and external parts in fine satin polished AISI 304.
  • St. st./PTFE mechanical seals cooled by air or nitrogen.
  • Low percentage of blind screen surface in contact with product to avoid powder deposits.
  • Easy to clean and fast screen replacement.
  • Parts that come in contact with product are autoclavable.
  • Compact design for installation in small spaces.
  • Inverter for rotation speed adjustment.
  • Inlet and outlet can be customized to fit process needs.
  • Suitable for processing a wide range of products.
  • Design in compliance with EC and cGMP regulations.