MG America Drum Lift

Drum Lift

Solution for lifting and inverting various different size product drums, option for automatic rotation of drum.

  • Construction of rectangular shape with main structure in stainless steel 304, suitable to be fixed only to floor.
  • Raise through a double fleyer chain hydraulic system. All hydraulic parts are assembled on board and inside a console placed in back part of the lift.
  • Control panel with relais logic and commands inside a console placed in back part of the lift.
  • Manual lift rotation at 350° through a base bearing disc, manual lever, unlock foot lever, automatic lock through spring system, adjustable stops for evidencing the 2 loading and discharging points of the lift.
  • Manual arm rotation at 180° for drums, through angular reducer with manual wheel. The system is inside a stainless steel structure. Arm length to be defined according to customer’s needs.
  • Drum holding band suitable for metal drums. The band is complete of quick opening and closing lever with safety spring pin to avoid the accidental opening of the lever.
  • Electromechanical safety stop for stopping the carriage in discharging position of the raised accessory.
  • Adjustable micro switches for minimum and maximum raise.
  • Signaling lamp and bell for machine into operation.