MG America COS.MEC Filter Washing

Filter Washing

Mobile washing station for cartridge filter N° 2 water inlets (industrial and demineralized).

  • Compressed air pipe draining.
  • Washing pressure at 6 Bar.
  • Automatic management of washing cycles through PLC + Touch Screen.
  • USB port for connection to external printer.
  • Connection RJ 45 to the local net for the management of the recipes –.
  • Piping and equipment in Aisi 316 L.
  • Washing station in Aisi 304 stainless steel.
  • Maximum water temperature of 60°C (only during ultrasonic washing).


  • Customized tank manufacturing to allow for filter positioning based on customer’s dimensions and characteristics.
  • Detergent addition Kit.
  • Ultrasonic washing Kit.
  • Electrical heating battery for air.