MG America Fluid Bed Granulator

Fluid Bed Granulator

Cos.Mec Fluid Bed Dryers represent an ideal solution for granulating and drying pharmaceutical powders. Thanks to the options offered, they can be used both for simple processes like drying and for complex processes like granulation and drying with the use of solvents.

  • Used for both drying and granulating processes.
  • Chamber capacity 30 liters – 1600 liters.
  • Use of high-retention polyester filter cartridges.
  • Repeated cartridge filter cleaning by compressed air counterblows while drying or granulation processes take place.
  • Easy and quick filter disassembly.
  • Rupture disc.
  • Sample thief.
  • Inspection windows.
  • Inlet air temperature probe.
  • Product temperature probe.
  • 100 micron screen (screens of different sizes upon request).
  • Main structure in round tubular.
  • Automatic management by PLC, touch screen operator panel and panel printer.
  • Air treatment unit equipped with inlet/outlet Hepa filters and steam heating battery.


  • Isolating valves to be assembled onto air inlet/outlet pipings.
  • 12-bar pressure resistant construction suitable for explosion-proof areas.
  • Through-wall construction.
  • Automatic management in compliance with CFR 21 part 11.
  • Accessories for gravimetric or vacuum loading.
  • Accessories for vacuum discharge.
  • Granulation accessories (tri-clover connections for mounting nozzles, spray nozzles, peristaltic pump, liquid preparation tanks, etc.).
  • Internal washing accessories (WIP).
  • Air dehumidification accessories for the Air Treatment Unit.
  • Column lift for product bowl lifting and tilting.
  • Cone mill for dry product calibration assembled either in line with the pneumatic transport system or onto the bowl lifting and tilting column.