The cutting-edge hybrid tablet press for R&D and production

The Futorque X-1 is the most flexible, user friendly and compact tablet press we have developed so far. With it’s “operation-by-process” control software, tableting becomes as easy as using a smartphone. Impressive production capabilities of up to 129,600 tablets/h and a footprint of less than 0.8 sqm (10.8 sqf) offers you top efficiency in a most compact form.

The flagship Futorque X-1 offers an optimized rotary tablet press that sets new worldwide standards for R&D and production purposes. The flexible system performance pays off from the preparation of clinical studies and orphan drugs all the way to medium-sized production batches. With the Futorque X-1 Tablet Press, no major production machines have to be stopped and a high tablet output is still achieved.

Unique multi-purpose concept for standard pharmaceutical and containment applications

The Futorque X-1 Tablet Press offers a high torque servo drive. This allows for maximum force at slow turret speed, often required in R&D. The name chosen for the range is a combination of the words “future” and “torque” and highlights its unique torque technology. The designation X-1 offers the prospect that after the first model (for mono-layer tablets) other models will follow. The standard turrets B-18 and D-14, the combi-system and the FlexAdapt X-16 system all offer a pitch circle of 240 mm.

For customers wishing to develop mono and bi-layer tablets, a new model with bi-layer tablet option is already in development. An additional model will be launched 2016 and will feature a special technology that is much in demand. We will keep you informed!

Futorque X-1, the all-new flagship tablet press, provides a system performance of up to 108,000 tablets/h, a brilliant 18.5“ multi-touch-display and a “control-by-process” software, all of which offer a new intuitive operational experience. Its compact portable footprint, standard high torque servo drive, and high containment system make the Futorque X-1 the leader in its field.

BECKHOFF 18.5″ multi touch display

The flagship tablet press sets standards in design and intuitive operation. A huge 18.5″ multi-touch display and all-new control software significantly simplifies usage. This machine type is outstanding with its state-of-the-art BECKHOFF EtherCAT operation and monitoring technology.

It offers fast data transmission and the best multi-compatible industrial standard software.