MG America IBC Bin Washing Cabin

IBC Bin Washing Cabin

  • 100% Automatic washing cabin for internal and external washing and drying of wheeled and palletized IBC bins.
  • Washing cabin built into the floor with bin.
  • Internal and valve washing nozzles washing nozzle.
  • Washing Pressure: 10 Bar.
  • Water Flow: 90 Liters/ minute.
  • Washing Cabin: AISI 304 with RA </- 0.8.
  • 2405×2315 mm.
  • Washing cabin execution suitable for accommodating non-standard bins.
  • Optional two access doors.
  • Optional automatic door opening.
  • Kit for detergent addition.
  • Rotating grid platform (CWB-R).
  • Drying steam exhaust fan.
  • Storing tanks for process water.
  • Industrial water heating max. 80°C.
  • Kit for recycling used water.
  • Conductivity meter.