MG America Material Handling Lab Fluid Bed
MG America Lab Fluid Bed

Lab Fluid Bed

Cos.Mec Fluid Bed Dryers represent an ideal solution for granulating and drying pharmaceutical powders. Thanks to the options offered, they can be used both for simple processes like drying and for complex processes like granulation and drying with the use of solvents.

  • Mobile solution.
  • Used for both drying and granulating processes.
  • Interchangeable container of various volumes.
    • Container Volume 3 Liter / working capacity (1.2-3 Liters)
    • Container Volume 6 Liter / working capacity (2.4-6 Liters)
    • Container Volume 12 Liter / working capacity (4.8 – 12 Liters)
  • Mobile container can be tilted for product discharge.
  • Automatic filter cleaning.
  • Continuous fluidization.
  • Sample thief.
  • Inspection window.
  • Inlet air temperature probe.
  • Electric air heating battery with outlet Hepa Filters.
  • Optional – Cooling battery.
  • Optional – Explosion proof execution.