MG America Material Handling High Shear Mixer
MG America Lab High Sheer Mixer Inner

Lab High Shear Mixer

Laboratory high shear mixers are suitable for wet mixing, granulation and drying of small quantities of pharmaceutical products with manual or automatic management of processing cycles.

  • Mobile solution.
  • Use for mixing, granulating and drying processes.
  • Granulating chamber available in various volumes.
  • Transparent lid for the granulating chamber.
  • Funnel and manual valve for pouring granulation liquids into the chamber.
  • Exhaust filter.
  • Automatic management by PLC + touchscreen.
  • USB connection for external printer.
  • RJ 45 connection to local network for recipe management after software installation.
  • Parts that come in contact with product in mirror polished AISI 316 L, RA≤ 0,4 μm.
  • Parts not in contact with product in fine satin polished AISI 304,RA ≤ 0,8 μm.
  • Optional product temperature probe.
  • Optional heating jacket with vacuum system for drying processes.