MG America Capsule Filling Multiflexa


  • MultiFLEXA 250 is an MG2 continuous motion capsule filling machine with a speed up to 250.000 caps. / h.
  • Production Speed: up to 250,000 capsules/hour, the highest output available.
  • Optional Product Containment: OEB/5 “turn-key system” including clean-in-place capability.
  • For dosing powder, pellets, tablets and microtablets into hard gelatin capsules.
  • Ideal for low dose applications: 5-25 mg fill weights.
  • “No Capsule. No Dose.” feature reduces product loss and avoids powder dispersion.
  • High degree of accuracy and precision; can also be adjusted for micro-dosing.
  • Optional wet-in-place, wash-in-place and clean-in-place functions available.
  • Weight control: Multi-NETT.