MG America Palletized Mixer

Palletized Mixer Double Inclination

State-of-the-art equipment for mixing pharmaceutical powders and granules inside the bin thus eliminating the need to load, unload and clean the mixer.

  • Available in four options
    • MG10 – 8BP 200-600 Liter
    • MG30 – 10BP 350-1,250 Liter
    • MG30 – 12BP 600- 1,750 Liter
    • MG40 – 12BP 1,750- 2,500 Liter
  • Single inclination & Double inclination.
  • Bin rotation in clockwise and counterclockwise sense.
  • Bin speed adjustment by inverter.
  • Various bins volumes available.
  • Remote control panel with manual setup of mixing speed and time.
  • Remote control panel for the automatic programming and printing of process parameters by PLC + touch screen + printerprocess parameters by PLC + touch screen + printer.
  • Barcode reader for batch automatic identification.
  • Machine designed to handle non-standard bins.
  • Protection structure of working area in stainless steel and lexan.
  • Ex-proof electrical components; protection class EEX-d-IIB T4.