For years, pharmaceutical companies have trusted the RoTab Bilayer Tablet Press for the development of mono- and bi-layer tablets. It is the most compact, full-value, bi-layer rotary tablet press on the market offering comprehensive R&D and production functionality. The mobile, compact unit weighs only 1,300 kg, making it ideal for the production of small- to medium-sized batches such as those needed for clinical trials.

The RoTab Bilayer is the most versatile rotary bi-layer tablet press on the market, with mono- and bi-layer tablet capabilities. It’s easy- to-use software makes bi-layer tableting a worry-free experience. The RoTab Bilayer Table Press brings the highest level of flexibility to R&D with a first layer auto- sampling feature and easy-to-change monolayer mode.

Miniaturized production machine concept

The miniaturized production machine concept enables a smooth and fully transparent scale-up to be conducted. A variety of punch formats can be used. A complete form part change can be conducted in less than 45 minutes. The RoTab Bilayer Table Press is also designed for operation with only one occupied punch station. Sampling for the 1st layer is possible at the push of a button during production. An anti-cross-contamination system, comprised of two suction bars for the 1st and 2nd layers and separate special suction units, minimizes layer mixing.

Low-maintenance and intuitive operating system

Adjustable automatic punch lubrication and a maintenance-friendly design keep lifecycle costs low. The table press machine has been damped to reduce noise and vibration, making it ideal for operation in sensitive laboratory environments. A modern 15″ touch screen enables the user to monitor and visualize such machine parameters as pressing forces, tablet output and output force.