MG America RoTab T2
MG America T2 Closeup

RoTab T 2.0 Compact R&D Tablet Press

The RoTab T 2.0 tablet press is designed specifically for the R&D and small-series sectors. Ideal for the production of batch sizes from 50 g to 50 kg, this mobile and compact tablet press needs little space in the development laboratories and can simply be moved to other deployment locations. The fact that more than 50 RoTab T 2.0 table presses are installed worldwide speaks for itself.

Dust-free and damped

The window flaps, with all-round sealing elements, protect the environment from press chamber dust. Sensitive laboratory equipment, such as weighing devices, are not affected when RoTab T 2.0 is used thanks to damping by rollers and the machine frame.

RoTab T, the monolayer R&D tablet press, allows for the use of all standard tool formats on one turret (FlexAdapt system). With a weight of just 450 kg and a width suitable to pass any standard door, it is a completely mobile unit and can easily be transported to any operation area.