SELEKTA High-Speed Checkweigher/Sorter

  • Delivers 100% weight verification for a variety of product shapes and sizes at speeds up to 160,000- 200,000
  • Faster than anything else currently on the market. Remove
  • Innovative technology designed for seamless integration with existing tableting equipment which allows for continuous process manufacturing.
  • Unique design utilizes MG2′s experience in capsule filling technology by incorporating the main benefits of the Multi-NETT weight control system.
  • Selects conforming and nonconforming units through a fail-safe system employing a set of sensors located at critical points throughout the testing process.
  • Easy to use and maintain; size change-over is quickly performed by replacing two sets of parts that can be easily disassembled.
  • Two special versions of SELEKTA are available for integration into packaging lines where tablets are placed into bottles. For these operations, the two offerings are the SELEKTA/CW, which performs product counting as well as weighing, and the SELEKTA/C, whose sole function is counting. Remove