MG America Through the Wall High Sheer Mixer
MG America Through the Wall High Sheer Mixer Inner

Through the Wall High Sheer Mixer

High Sheer Mixer suitable for wet mixing and granulation of pharmaceutical powders with both manual and automatic management of processing cycles.

  • No driving chains or belts fromtransmission to motor.
  • Lip-seal stainless steel/PTFE seals (cooled through compressed air or nitrogen) of both chopper and rotating blade. This makes them easy to disassemble.
  • Pad valve with pneumatic command.
  • Exhaust filter.
  • Inspection window.
  • Lamp.
  • Main structure completely closed with components inside and reachable from all sides.
  • Command panel inside the structure.
  • Automatic management through PLC, touch screen panel and panel printer.
  • Management of both blade and chopper motors through inverter.


  • Pneumatic opening of the upper lid.
  • Pneumatic raising of the blade to make washing easier.
  • Execution with through-wall motorization.
  • 12-bar pressure resistant construction.
  • Ex-proof execution.
  • Automatic management in compliance with CFR 21 part 11.
  • Kit for granulation solution addition (nozzle and peristaltic pump).
  • Tank for preparing granulation solutions with or without agitator or heating.
  • Kit for chamber internal washing (WIP).
  • Kit for vacuum powder loading.
  • Support structures for increasing discharge height.
  • Cone mill for wet product calibration inside machine structure.