• FlexaLAB is an MG2 capsule filling machine Plug & Play, simple, compact and fully automatic, ideal for R&D laboratories, clinical trials, small batch outputs and special productions. FlexaLAB can work either at continuous or intermittent motion (depending on the type of dosing unit installed).
  • Production Speed: up to 3,000 capsules/hour.
  • Capsule Sizes: from 000 to 5 tamperproof (DB), elongated, HPMC, vegetal & special capsules included.
  • Thanks to the machine modular design, it is possible to fit different dosing units at the same time thus allowing it to fill the same capsule with different products. This makes it ideal for
    Research & Development Laboratories
  • Products Range: powder, pellets (up to 4 kind), Micro-tablets (up to 4 kind) (counting), tablets, low dosages of powder to be inhaled without compaction (dosators), micro-dosages of pure active powder with 100% net control system, capsule in capsule, liquids.
  • Optional Weight control system – 100% weight inspector or MultiNETT system.
  • Containment Version available in different technical configurations in order to achieve a containment level equal to OEB3, OEB4 or OEB5  with the possibility of dry cleaning, wet-in-place, completely automatic and dynamic WIP/CIP systems.