MG America Planeta200

Planeta 200

  • PLANETA 200 runs at a speed up to 200.000 caps. / h. and provides a high level of flexibility in terms of dosages, speeds and weight control systems.
  • Production Speed: 50,000, 100,000 & 200,000 capsules/hour.
  • Capsule Sizes: from 000 to 5, including tamper-proof capsules.
  • Products Range: powder, low- dose powder (5-40mg) & micro- dose powder dosing (5mg and below) pellets (up to four different pellets into a capsule), micro-tablets (up to four different type into a capsule) tablets, capsule- in- capsule & softgel into capsule , liquids, herbs, capsule into capsule.
  • Modular Design: features two removable dosing stations that can accommodate different dosing units.
  • Available with automatic statistical in-process control system integrated into the machine, 100% NETT weight control system or the 100% MultiNETT weight control system capable of monitoring and controlling each component filled into the capsule (Combination Products).
  • Offered in containment levels up to 0EB5/OEL5.
  • Optional wet-in-place, wash-in-place and clean-in-place functions available.