TCI is a fully automatic standalone machine designed to inspect pharmaceutical capsules and tablets. Thanks to the latest technological achievements by Antares, TCI combines high production throughput (up to 300.0000 units/hour) with great accuracy in inspection (precision up to 100μm).

A double-drum system manipulates the products while 6 or 8 cameras and 3 analyzers acquire the images of the entire surface of the products. The collected images are analyzed in real time and then the products are eventually sorted and conveyed towards the appropriate path: Conform, Reject, Recheck. The precise optical detector for sorting verification ensures fail safe and reliable operation.

  • 100% Inspection: size, shape, damaged edges, color deviation, dots, dirt, uneven surfaces, cracks, dents, chips, holes, joints, coating defects, imprint quality, embossed quality.
  • Wide range of inspected products: capsules, hard/ soft gelatines, plain/printed surfaces. tablets: – coated/ uncoated, plain & embossed
  • High Output: Up to 350,000 products / Hour.